Chirayu Mistry

Best In Stand Up

He has become what most engineers are becoming these days a comedian. His stand-up comedy is based on daily observations and he presents them with a combination of deadpan humour and anger with frustration. He's single, and aspires to become a chef someday.


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anonymous 2018-11-05

Baghban Comedy is very foolish. You want to know that you are local boy and he is Amitabh. You down your image. Sorry dost. Hu aa bogus style joi ne dukh that.

anonymous 2019-01-18

Baghban was one of the best set I have seen among Indian stand-ups; especially the one done in Gujarati. I am Gujju and enjoyed the impact Gujju words had on the set. It was awesome to see that you joked about AB Sr., (and Jr). Good Luck!