Masoom Rajwani

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Masoom Rajwani is one the youngest and most promising stand-up acts on the scene and one of the few Sindhis who refuses to do Sindhi joke.


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anonymous 2018-05-24

The Way he say "Its crazy Dude". Good observations on GOD, HAHAHAHA. "Theda bhait ke aayega toh kaisa lagega", Nice evening in Canvas Laugh Club.

anonymous 2018-09-26

Bohot dekhe comedian , par yeh ladka heera hai heera.

anonymous 2018-12-02

Refuses to do comedy on Sindhi topics but shams Hindu and Hindu gods !!! Says Hindu gods rape and iska baap god hai body shams them !!

anonymous 2018-12-04

He is madharchewd

anonymous 2018-12-04

Shame on him. Mar ja

anonymous 2018-12-05

Amazing job yaar you are awesome keep it up and keep cracking the hard shell of this society. Hum jaime light log bhi hain is dunya main to enjoy the shows performed by you. My family and my friends are a big big fan.

anonymous 2019-01-10

We are going to boycott Canvas laugh club if it allows hypocrites like him .

anonymous 2019-01-31

Masoom Rajwani is an exceptional comedian who is misunderstood by feeble minds. His comedy leaves you thinking about the societal structure and the power politics. He is a must watch, not only for his jokes but also for his eye-opening ideologies.