Double Ticket - Selected Stories By Anton Chekhov

"Come and spend an hour with the fantastic team of Actor Unveiled as they bring Russian playwright Anton Chekhov's comic gems ' Woh Phir Aayegi ' & ' How To Be A Casanova'.

About the plays: 

Title: Woh Phir Aayegi :

Imagine the worst headache you ever had. Now add a loud, irrational, howling person in that scenario! This nightmare was faced by Mr.Raghav Sharma, a sophisticated, soft-spoken and newly injured manager of an upscale bank. Come and join us on a hilarious journey where a so-called 'Abla Nari ' created havoc! 

Starring: Ojaswini Gul Vishal Chugh & Shubham Pruthi,

Title: How To Be A Casanova :

Meet Virat, a self - made Casanova; who shamelessly boasts about exclusively romancing married women! Come with him as he shows you a live demonstration from his playbook, of setting the trap and catching his prey. The only problem in his otherwise perfect trap is that Vasudha is not your typical woman! Find out who traps whom, in this fantastic drama! 

Starring: Guncha, Sagar Verma & Piyush Goswaami

Anton Chekhov

Anton Chekhov


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