Big B

Big B'? No, not Mr. Bachchan, it's Mr. Premchan(d). It's the 'Ind-lish' and the dramatic version of the latter's celebrated Hindi short-story 'Bade Bhai Saheb'.

It's a full-length play the first of its kind the first ever in 'Broken English'. Savor it.

Do not go outside, it is very 'nighty'. I am 'well' but my brother is 'in well'. 'Knife' without 'K' is like 'Chaku' without 'Cha', only 'Ku' 'Churi' without 'Chu', only 'Ri'.

It's about two 'English-educated-Hindi-speaking' brothers the 'studious' Kamta Prasad and the 'sporty' Samta Prasad. No wonder, the play revolves around History and Hockey, Geography and Gulli Danda and Chemistry and Cricket, too. And also Rekha Ganit.. Kamta's favorite . as 'Rekha' is his heartthrob and the daughter of 'Ganit' teacher. So also Algebra, defined by Samta as "a subject on which even 'Allah' has no 'Jabr'.

In addition.. Well, The rest needs to be seen.

The play features some prominent talents of the country; including Ahmad Omair, Tanay Tarney and Dr M Sayeed Alam -- a team that has together performed this play more than 100 times all over the country and abroad.

The play has been scripted and directed by Dr M Sayeed Alam and Niti Phool, reputed for their penchant for Humorous, Historical and Historic plays.

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