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As one of India’s biggest comedy company and platform for budding stand-up talent, the Canvas Laugh Club is known for its funny shows.The group has been working with some of India’s finest comedic talent to develop fresh content and shows. Since 2010, CLC has treated Indian audiences to an art form that now, is becoming a big trend.

At India’s first dedicated venue for live comedy, every topic under the sun is brought to light, debated and laughed over. Every weekend the best stand-up shows are made memorable by now famous comedians like AIB, East India Comedy, Anubhav Pal, Kanan Gill, Aditi Mittal, Varun Thakur, Abish Mathew and so many more.

All this began in Mumbai well before these Youtube sensations ever dreamt of the comedy world. From prestigious first time Harvard invites to FIR’s, today popular TV shows has given comedy the much-required spotlight it always needed in India.

Apart from the stand up comedy, what makes the Canvas Laugh Club the ultimate evening destination, there are exquisite theatre performances like the Vagina Monologues, Bakchod, Improv Comedy, Children’s Theatre and much more. Come discover the hilarious world of the Canvas Laugh Club and see the funny side of life!

“Laughter is an instant vacation.” –Milton Berle

We understand the importance of motivating and keeping people happy. So when it comes to the business of happiness, we offer only the best services. Creating a positive atmosphere, filled with good energy is only possible when the right group of people work together with the right attitude. If your jokes are the best we have heard, you can become a comedian!